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Health Destination solution prevails in Melbourne

June 2017

When well-known Melbourne pharmacist Sam Chan first heard about PSA’s ground-breaking Health Destination program in 2015, he was excited.

PSA's member journal Australian Pharmacist spoke with Mr Chan, owner of Mount's Pharmacy in Ivanhoe, about how embracing the innovative Health Destination program has shown successful results.

Sam Chan

Partners support Health Destination

December 2016

PSA’s Health Destination program has achieved success thanks to the strong support and commitment of its foundation partners.

The strong success of Health Destination has been due to the innovative collaboration between industry partners and PSA – to achieve positive healthcare and business outcomes.

Watch this new video to hear how these leading organisations have benefited by partnering and collaborating with PSA on Health Destination.

First Health Destination pharmacy in Canberra

November 2016

Amcal Plus Belconnen is the first pharmacy in ACT to reinvent itself as a health destination for the community.

The Award-winning Health Destination program provides pharmacies with expert advice, training and workplace practices to enhance every facet of their business.

Owner pharmacist Ben Jackson said Canberra will benefit from the way his pharmacy is transforming their approach to healthcare. "It's a whole new way of looking at pharmacies, and we have to reinvent ourselves," he said. "I think it will be a great opportunity to look after the community."

First ACT pharmacy 'health hub'

August 2016

Read the story published in The Canberra Times newspaper on August 28 about the first Health Destination Pharmacy site in Canberra.

The article features ACT pharmacist Ben Jackson from the Amcal Plus pharmacy at Belconnen.

AMA SA visits Health Destination pilot site

July 2016

A Golden Grove pharmacy has hosted a tour by AMA SA leaders for the Health Destination pilot.

In the photo below are (rear): Mr Grant Kardachi, Immediate Past President, PSA; and Dr Penelope Need, AMA GP Specialty Group. (front) Dr Janice Fletcher, AMA(SA) President; Ms Himali Kaniyal, Pharmacist in Charge, National Pharmacies Golden Grove; Ms Helen Stone, Branch Director SA/NT PSA.

First SA pharmacy to become a Health Destination

June 2016

A Golden Grove pharmacy has become the first in South Australia to be transformed into a Health Destination.

The innovative, evidence-based Health Destination Pharmacy program repositions pharmacists as healthcare providers and pharmacies as a health destination for quality healthcare in the local community. The new program also offers consumers greater access to pharmacist care and a wide range of minor ailment and professional pharmacist services, from medication reviews to help with quitting smoking.

National Pharmacies Golden Grove manager Himali Kaniyal said pharmacy customers have appreciated that pharmacists are much more accessible, and patients are more open to advice and healthcare solutions.

Health Destination Video Testimonial – Geelong

May 2016

See the latest video about a Geelong pharmacy in the Health Destination Program.

Pharmacy of future – Health Destination

April 2016

See the latest news story about a Geelong pharmacy for the Health Destination Program published in the Geelong Advertiser newspaper on April 20, 2016.

Really helped our pharmacy...

January 2016

"The Health Destination program has really helped our pharmacy become a total health solution, especially within our small community who rely on our health services.

The program (is) really maximising our current services... to empower people to take control of their own health. I would definitely recommend the Health Destination Pharmacy model. It empowers you to focus on what we can do better and how we can make a difference, as well having important financial benefits."

- Katie Hayes, Risdon Vale Pharmacy, Risdon Vale, Tasmania

It's exciting because...

January 2016

"When I first heard about Health Destination Pharmacy, I was a little bit nervous. But now I'm very excited.

It's exciting because the Health Destination model paves a whole new way forward for us to do things better and work closely with the community. It provides health outcomes, especially in a highly competitive business environment.

Our customers love it and so do our staff!

We're now rolling out the program to offer more health interactions and introducing specific services we can add to our offering."

- Anthony Vass, Cincotta Chemist Mascot, NSW

We're excited about the Health Destination program...

January 2016

"While it's early days for us, we're excited about the Health Destination program keeping our pharmacy moving forward - I think it's what we should be doing anyway.

Health Destination makes pharmacy more enjoyable, especially talking about health with our clients at the frontline and helping with their needs.

It's all about being becoming more accessible for customers. We want to be in this industry long-term so this is certainly the way of the future."

- Jim Koios, Northlands Pharmacy, Balcatta, WA

I would definitely recommend the Health Destination program...

January 2016

"I would definitely recommend the Health Destination program - it benefits both pharmacists and consumers.

Our customers are enjoying the fact that pharmacists are much more accessible, and patients are more open to advice and healthcare solutions.

The Health Destination program really brings important attention back to pharmacists and their skills as health professionals - I think pharmacy needs to get back to becoming more health-focused rather than discount-focus - it's about value-adding to healthcare and pharmacies.

It's also beneficial because you do get to discuss ideas with other people and network with other pharmacies to learn more for professional development.

I think it will definitely pay off in the long-term and I'm sure the investment will be very useful and productive."

- Himali Kaniyal, National Pharmacies Golden Grove, SA

The new Health Destination approach is very exciting...

January 2016

"I think the new Health Destination approach is very exciting for pharmacy.

The Health Destination program is highly beneficial for many reasons, such as; upholding the reputation of pharmacists and pharmacy, ensuring people are getting the best healthcare possible and maximising the potential for a pharmacy in all aspects of the business.

We're quite a small pharmacy, however having a forward-pharmacist model has been great for business and has instilled more faith and engagement in our local community.

People will definitely return to a pharmacy that takes more care with customers and this will help boost profits at the end of the day."

- Margaux Joubert, Eagle Heights Pharmacy, Gold Coast

Making us more sustainable in the current economic environment...

January 2016

"The customer feedback we've had so far from Health Destination has been very positive, especially having more interaction between pharmacists and patients.

The idea of being able to provide holistic health solutions is what we are striving for - we're confident the Health Destination model will make us more sustainable in the current economic environment.

We're invested in this program and we're confident it will generate tangible results.

It's also an investment for the future and our pharmacists really like it as they can offer more professional services."

- Greg Porte, Peak Pharmacy Bellarine Village, Geelong, Victoria