Dedicated business coach & action plan

  • Tailored, onsite support from a qualified coach
  • Practical evidence-based strategies for change
  • Ongoing support and accountability to take action

Local area and gap analysis

  • Detailed information on health issues/ opportunities/needs and demographics in the local area
  • Suggested strategies for targeting those markets

Financial management system

  • Online financial management system
  • Provision of key performance indicators (KPIs) and benchmarking
  • Drive performance through your data

Consumer engagement assessment

  • Onsite workflow assessment
  • Guidance for developing goals and strategies
  • Coaching that will encourage your staff to be more proactive

Promotional material

  • Promote yourself as a Health Destination in the community and local area

Professional service resources

  • Practical evidence-based strategies for implementation
  • One stop shop - everything you need to implement a professional service
  • Advice and support to ensure your effort is rewarded

Training workshop

  • Specialist advice and practical proven strategies for change
  • Networking opportunities

Practical tools

  • Protocols, guidelines and standards
  • Step-by-step implementation guides
  • Disease-specific resources and tools

Consumer health information & health promotion resources

  • Helps you to better engage with consumers in the pharmacy and through local media