Pharmaceutical Society of Australia

Health Destination is developed by the Pharmaceutical Society of Australia (PSA).

No other organisation has the level of experience and expertise that PSA does in delivering in-pharmacy support and high-quality pharmacy practice training, resources and tools. Our past experience in delivering change programs, onsite support, and high-quality practice support resources and training means we are the experts in pharmacy practice.

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Leading industry partners

The Pharmaceutical Society of Australia (PSA) has come together with a broad group of industry-leading organisations to support the Health Destination initiative.

These partners support improved outcomes for consumers and sustainability of the pharmacy sector.

Representatives of the partner companies are members of an Advisory Group, providing advice on the national scale-up of Health Destination Pharmacy.

This union is unprecedented and reflects the confidence the industry has in the program and its outcomes.

Each partner has invested in the whole-of-industry program according to the following Terms of Agreement:

The parties acknowledge that the Health Destination Pharmacy partnership has been negotiated in an arms-length transaction and is not provided in a manner or on conditions that would interfere with or compromise the independence or integrity of a healthcare professional’s prescribing or dispensing practices.  Collaboration will allow us to jointly achieve the goal of progressing a scaleable, effective change platform to support a flexible and sustainable community pharmacy network.

Advisory group meeting: The Health Destination advisory group met in Sydney on July 20, 2016 to discuss growth, insights and innovation.

Your Health Destination team and coaches

Health Destination is led by a team of pharmacy industry experts. Their expertise cover business practices, implementation of professional services, change management and coaching. The team will work together to continually develop Health Destination support tools and practices to ensure pharmacies are kept up-to-date with the latest innovation in pharmacy practice.

Photo of Laura Wilson
Laura Wilson

Laura has over a decade of experience working in community pharmacy change management. She has experience in practical requirements for change in pharmacy, including overseeing onsite support for over 400 pharmacies.

Photo of Dr Alison Roberts
Dr Alison Roberts

Alison is an expert on change and implementation in community pharmacy. A pharmacist herself, she understands change from a range of perspectives, from strategy to execution.

Picture of Prof Charlie Benrimoj
Dr Charlie Benrimoj

Professor Benrimoj's research interests encompass the future of community pharmacy and the implementation of professional services.

Picture of Bruce Annabel
Bruce Annabel

Bruce is a leading authority on the financial, strategic planning and business aspects of community pharmacy. His company consults to some 400 pharmacies Australia-wide and allows an excellent overview of practice management.

Picture of Glenn Guilfoyle
Glenn Guilfoyle

Glenn has worked for over 30 years in a wide range of customer service improvement roles across many industries. For the past five years Glenn has worked with pharmacies to identify tailored strategies to increase consumer engagement, health-related sales, and script processing efficiency.

Photo of Rachel Dienaar
Rachel Dienaar

Rachel is a community pharmacist and the lead coach for HDP. Rachel has extensive experience providing support to pharmacies, including during the Trial phase.

Picture of Melinda Matthews
Melinda Matthews Vic

Melinda Matthews B.Pharm, Cert IV TAE, & Life Coaching (Spec. in Health and Business) has over 30 year’s community pharmacy experience. She has developed practical and formal management and leadership skills through various roles in both private and community service organisations. Melinda’s experience as a business and life coach enables her to mentor positive change in a variety of situations. Melinda is passionate about improving outcomes for health consumers through continual improvement in pharmacy practice.

Photo of Tania Watson
Tania Watson Qld

Tania Watson B.pharm, B.Sc is a community pharmacy owner and is familiar with the challenges currently facing the industry. Tania has worked in a wide range of pharmacy settings. She has experience providing support to pharmacies as a PSA coach during the Practice Change Program funded under the 4th Community Pharmacy Agreement. Tania is passionate about the sustainability of community pharmacies.

Picture of Lydia Moussa
Lydia Moussa NSW

Lydia Moussa B.Pharm, Dip. Coaching, Cert. IV in Training & Assessment is a pharmacist, accredited coach and certified training facilitator. Alongside her role as a Health Destination coach, she is undertaking her PhD at The University of Technology Sydney exploring the benefits of coaching to implement sustainable change in pharmacy practice. Lydia is passionate about helping to enhance the future role of pharmacists in health.

Picture of Stephanie Bennett
Stephanie Bennett SA

Stephanie Bennett DipPharmNZ, Grad Dip FDR, Cert IV TAE, Cert Integrated Medicine, has had a diverse career in the pharmacy sector including pharmacy ownership and consulting to various groups on improving performance and delivering professional services. Stephanie has a successful track record in improving the profitability in her own businesses through targeted specialties and health services. Stephanie has extensive coaching experience, including life and wellness, and has a particular passion for facilitating transformation in others.

Photo of Helen Benson
Helen Benson NSW

Helen Benson B.Pharm is an accredited pharmacist with extensive experience implementing professional services in community pharmacy. Helen has previously been a community pharmacy owner and currently works part-time as a clinical practitioner teacher at the University of Technology Sydney. Helen is passionate about enhancing the role of pharmacists in health.